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A Manhattan week in early April

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Here’s a photo blog from my early April week in New York City, specifically, Manhattan. In years past, I had spent little time on the Upper East Side. I used to find a great place to stay, which turned out to be on the Columbia campus! Great new New York experience.

Here’s the typical scene, the Columbia University Library as I walked to the 116th Street subway station. I added the second photo because I loved the history written on the Library’s frieze. Early American history.

Our near neighbors were Morningside Park and The Cathedral of Saint John the Devine.With a nursery school on the first floor of our building, the children played below my window.

During our stay, we payed homage to some of the city’s architectural wonders including a door in The Village! The cat in the doors window? — actually the reflection from the side of a pet food delivery truck. When photographing windows, reflections can be a problem. This one was a gift!

Strolled Fifth Avenue’s extravagant windows, Tiffany’s wall art and Harry’s emeralds. And a touching homage to Japan’s nuclear disaster.

Watched shoes lining up at Daffy’s on 57th and strolling the Apple Store.

On the fifth floor of the Modern Museum of Art I could see three seminal, turn into the 20th Century paintings as I stood in one spot and turned in three directions.





One day during the week, as I returned ‘home’, coming up out of the Columbia subway station,  I found revolutionaries from the ’60s at the gates, working on today’s conversions!

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